Technology has changed everything.

As our ability to connect with each other becomes more accessible and affordable. Useful information seems to percolate through the system like never before.

I consider myself a charting specialist, I don't look for software and tools that make predictions or trade suggestions. I have spent years developing my ability to read charts and analyzing the most important information. I use resources that remind and reeducate me in important areas. Below are some resources I use to stay at the top of my game.

The goal is to provide you with tools and techniques that will hopefully assist you in the process of allocating your current and future capital.


While Twitter may seem like a dying platform due for a major reconstruction, the financial industry continue to use it for communication. While the majority of "FinTwit" seems to be debating about everything finance the accounts I list below are known for keeping it simple and giving real advice to traders.





I prefer to keep my information intake to a minimum but being out of touch can be costly. I try to visit the websites below once a day for a general direction of where things are at the moment.

CNBC - Current Market Conditions

BarChart - Chart and Volume Display

Wall Street Journal - Well displayed Stock Information


I tend to gravitate towards the simple platforms and stick with them which allows me to maximize my research time.

ThinkorSwim - Current Market Conditions

MetaTrader 5 - Chart and Volume Display

StockCharts - Charting Tools and Advanced Analysis

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