We have more options than ever.

Young companies have always been a fascinating aspect of investing to me.

It was only right for me to recommend two platforms that I feel are under appreciaited because of their youthful status.

Hard work is easier to identify when the company is forming and learning.

RobinHood for Stocks and Options

This California-based company has already achieved a valuation of 10B and has annouced a IPO in the near future. I personally use them daily to take advantage of their commission-free structure.
Services Offered:
Trade Options
Trade Crypto
Trade Stocks

Nadex for Futures and Commodities

After reinventing itself in 2009 Nadex has become a well known gateway to trade options
Their unique trading instruments are designed to make trading simple and safer for newbies.
Services Offered:
Trade Currencies
Trade Indices
Trade Commodities

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