Chart of the Week (10/1/2023)

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/NQ Trade Idea -Government to continue spending at 2020 pandemic levels to avert a shutdown. Biden was set to spend 2 trillion this year until the Republican led Supreme Court voted to resume student loan payments, adding 319 billion in revenues back to the balance sheet.

Interest on the 33 Trillion U.S. Debt has increased 34% YOY and will continue to eat away at the budget. Next year debt interest cost will move from 6th to 3rd place in spending behind only Social Security and Medicare.

Fed has already stated that they do not intend to cut rates before 2025, interest on the debt could be the biggest budget item by then as we continue to run a deficit.

Markets are more detached than ever and will only punish holders and short sellers. Big Tech is international and will continue to increase revenue regardless of government spending.

Long Term Option Trade - We all have different time horizons, short term trades for me are at least 2 months long but once my price target has been reached I remove risk.

RISK DISCLAIMER: Trade at YOUR OWN RISK, I am NOT a Financial Professional and I do not post nor offer financial advice. My trade ideas are simply visual representations of my thought process.



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